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The DADvocacy Consulting Group’s (DCG) mission is to enable every father to become the dad he wants to be – for the good of his children and/or grandchildren, his family, his community, and himself. While acknowledging the vital roles of fathers and mothers alike, we work directly with fathers in a variety of settings and in a variety of ways. We eagerly collaborate with other organizations who share the goal of positive and vibrant father engagement.​




We envision a society that understands and embraces the value of positive father engagement and works on a wide variety of fronts to assure it so that children, fathers, and families flourish.



Our process begins with fathers:


  1. Thinking about what qualities they want to embody

  2. Examining the personal resources they already possess

  3. Identifying additional resources they may need

  4. Becoming aware of those things that may encourage and discourage them from meeting their daddying* goals; and

  5. Committing to not keeping the dad they most want to be waiting.


*Daddying occurs at the intersection of fatherhood and nurturing. Distinct from fathering, a one-time biological act requiring no commitment beyond an initial contribution of DNA, daddying is a process requiring active involvement and a lifelong commitment to a child’s physical, emotional, social, intellectual, creative, and moral/spiritual well-being. Daddying roles may also be played by other significant men in kids’ lives, including granddads, uncles, older brothers, mentors, etc.


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