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The DADvocacy Consulting Group (DCG) acknowledges the vital roles of fathers and mothers alike. DADvocacy builds upon research that affirms that children, fathers, families, and communities are better off when fathers and children are positively engaged in each other’s lives. It includes an active, lifelong commitment to the physical, emotional, social, cognitive/academic, creative, and moral/spiritual well-being of children. DADvocacy takes deliberate actions and helps develop policies to support, encourage, and optimize opportunities for fathers, grandfathers, and father figures to be involved in children’s lives, and vice versa.


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Daddying blog and site header.jpg
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Crying: A Father's Untapped Superpower - Allan Shedlin's DADDYING blog post reprinted in

Voice Male Magazine's Spring 2021 edition


And check out Allan's post How CAMPAIGNful Politics Impact Us and Our Children, reprinted in

National Healthy Start Association's October 2020 Newsletter



DCG's Allan Shedlin and DCG partner Armor Down's Ben King created the Armor Down/Daddy Up!and Armor Down/Mommy Up™ workshops to assist veterans in armoring down from their military experiences and teach them specific parenting skills to enable them to become the parents THEY want to be. Our workshops continue via Zoom with Warrior Dads/Moms and Warrior Kids. We've dubbed this new phase of the program AD/DU! 2.0.

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To-date, DCG has helped raise half of needed $20K for EXIT12 Dance Company's tour, which will include:

  • A live performance of Daddy Appleseed Fund's commissioned For My Father – A Call to Arms and additional selections from EXIT12's dance repertoire

  • Screening of the award-winning Memorial Day 2019 video

  • Master classes, and

  • Workshops with veterans.

If you are interested in making a contribution to match Daddy Appleseed Fund's challenge grant of $5K, please CONTACT US so we can provide tax-deductible information.

Find out how to apply or nominate someone for a small grant through our Daddy Wishes Fund 

nonprofit partners.

World Bank - March 16, 2017

Founding DADvocate Allan Shedlin