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    Presentations & workshops

    Select Titles from Past DADvocacy Consulting Group (DCG) Engagements

    Following are some of the diverse parenting topics DCG's three principal DADvocates have addressed over the span of their combined 60+ years in the field:




    “Daddying” vs. "Fathering”


    Demystifying Parenting/Daddying


    The Ecology/Context of Parenting/Daddying


    Mommying & Daddying – Similarities & Differences


    Connecting the Dots: What Dads, Kids, & Child Development Experts All Agree Upon


    Parenting “Flashpoints” & How to Handle Them


    “When She Became ‘Preggers’ – Thinking About Being a Dad


    “How Should I Know What to Do, I’ve Never Been a Dad Before?”...& Other Lame Excuses




    The Landscape of Daddying – Kids & Dads in Progress


    The DaddyingTightrope & Thieves of Daddying


    Assessing My Daddying/Parenting


    Not Enough Men in the Lives of Kids – Not Enough Kids in the Lives of Men


    Tapping Your Untapped Daddying/Parenting Resources


    Making a Daddying/Parenting Plan


    Single Socks & Daddying Resolutions – Mysterious Disappearances


    The Patchwork Parent/Daddy – Becoming the Parent/Daddy You Want to Be


    The Birth of a Dad


    Glass Ceilings – His & Hers


    Tough Choices – The Simultaneous Trajectories of Parenting/Daddying & Career




    The Daddying Deficit


    “You’ve Come A Long Way, Baby...Sir!”


    “Peaceful Kicking” & Other Daddying/Parenting Confusions


    “You Know, Deep Down I’m a Pretty Sensitive Guy...”


    Anything But Wimpy – Daddying for the 21st Century


    A Different Kind of Love – “Daddying” Defined G  As American as Motherhood, Fatherhood, & Apple Pie


    By Design, Not by Default – Exuberant Daddying


    “Mr. Mom” & “Ms. Dad” – Embracing Our Nurturing Instincts


    The Seven Habitudes of Excellent Daddying/Parenting


    More Important (& Harder) Than You Ever Imagined, But Worth It! – Lifelong Daddying


    From Father to Daddy, A Lifelong Journey


    Kids’ Tips For Daddying


    Fathers’ Tips For Daddying


    What Moms/Grandparents/Bosses Can Do to Encourage Daddying




    You Don’t Have To Be Perfect To Be a Successful Dad


    Becoming the Dad I Always Wanted to Have


    The Home Where Hope Lives: The Influence of Foster Parents in a Child’s Life


    Afraid to Truly Love: Addressing Relationship Challenges for Abused Adults and Children


    It’s Better Together, Developing Successful Parenting Partnerships


    Using Multi-Media to Engage, Educate & Encourage Father Involvement


    Mentoring & Modeling Healthy Intimacy to and for Our Children


    Building Successful Parenting Partnerships That Benefit Your Child's Development


    Mentoring and Modeling Healthy Intimacy to and for Our Children


    Media Savvy Parenting


    The Benefits and Challenges of Having an ADHD for Children and Adults


    The Importance of Father Involvement in His Child’s ADD/ADHD Therapy


    A Father’s Place: The Importance of Male Involvement during the Early Years


    Calling All Dads with Special Needs Children


    Co-Parenting Strategies


    Dads and Daughters


    Fathers Raising Sons


    Foster Fathering


    Girl Brain, Boy Brain


    Marital Resiliency


    Exploring Maternal & Paternal Parenting Styles


    Messages of Masculinity


    Raise Your Family, Not Your Fist: A Father’s Role in Ending Violence


    She Said; He Said: Enhancing Male/Female Communication


    Why Do They Act That Way? Understanding Children’s Temperament


    Assessment Guide on Father Inclusive Practices: Creating Father Friendly Environments


    Assisting Fathers of Children with Special Needs


    Engaging Dads in Home Visits


    Enhancing Male Female Communication in High Female Environments


    Ethical Applications in Human Service Organizations


    Fatherhood 101: Establishing a Quality Fatherhood Program


    Post-Partum and Fathers


    Recognizing and Responding to Child Abuse


    Why Guys Don’t Ask for Help: Respecting Male Help Seeking Behaviors


    Working with Adolescent Fathers