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Allan Shedlin, Founding DADvocate


4822 Bradley Boulevard


Chevy Chase, MD 20815


    DCG brings together a core team of DADvocates – each with more than 20 years experience in the fatherhood field. While hailing from diverse backgrounds, our DADvocates share the belief that there is no such thing as a “perfect” parent. We understand that daddying does not take place in a vacuum, but rather within a dynamic social context called “family” that operates in a broader socio-cultural context.


    Our principal DADvocates have worked with fathers in a variety of ways and in a variety of settings. We have:


    • Developed programs and curricula

    • Conducted research

    • Formulated policy

    • Offered workshops, father support groups, and trainings

    • Written widely in the professional and popular press, as well as appeared on radio and television

    • Consulted for a wide range of governmental/non-governmental agencies, schools, corporations and other national and international organizations

    • Served on father- and family-related panels

    • Provided keynote addresses throughout the United States on a variety of father- and family-related topics.


    In addition to our DADvocates’ ongoing work in the specialty areas listed below, we have assembled a DADvisory Team to complement our experience as well as to provide additional expertise, as needed.


    • Collaborating with childcare/early childhood/Head Start centers and school settings to increase vibrant father engagement

    • Creating and conducting father support groups in a wide variety of corporate and organizational/agency settings

    • Designing and conducting programs for grandfather engagement

    • Creating father-friendly environments and father-inclusive policies

    • Promoting positive co-parenting, healthy couple relationships and respecting maternal and paternal parenting styles

    • Assisting fathers with special needs -- including foster and adoptive dads

    • Working with incarcerated dads and their families

    • Working with military dads and their families

    • Writing commentaries, bylined articles, and guest blog posts

    • Conducting qualitative research

    • Providing staff development and training

    • Developing products and curriculum

    • Serving as a parenting idea and information clearinghouse by sharing articles, research, curricula, and other practical resources (books, videos, movies, games, etc.).