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There Will Be A Blue Moon In More Ways Than One This Halloween

Updated: Mar 18, 2021

by Scott Bellair Witch Project

Editor of Daddying and Director of Communications, DADvocacy Consulting Group

Dadvocacy Consulting Group Director of Communications Scott Beller and daughters dressed for Halloween

My girls will be masked up thanks to COVID-19 but won't be going trick-or-treating this year. For the past several years, our routine was to go shop for costumes in late-August, which is around the time of both their birthdays. In addition to visiting the pumpkin patch, something else we missed doing this season of the new abnormal, exploring all the costume and accessory options and animatronic displays at Spirit Halloween was half the fun. Not so, this year. I even asked the kids if they wanted to go shopping again last week. I thought they might feel like dressing up even though, like many other families across the country, we wouldn't be going to any big parties or roaming the neighborhood Halloween night.

A masked DCG Communications Director Scott Beller Halloween costume shopping with daughters
Clean-up on aisle 7


I guess the main reason it makes me sad to not partake in the usual Halloween traditions this year is that, growing up, my family had very few traditions. And the ones we had, usually were kept up by my mom. I don't remember my father ever joining us for trick-or-treating on Halloween, and he certainly never wore a costume.

My sister and I went out each year with our mom until we were in middle school when we were free to terrorize the neighborhood along with our friends. Of course, throughout most of our costumed years, we were limited to wearing those cheap, cartoon-themed plastic masks with matching vinyl smock costumes. You know the ones.

Old-school Halloween swag

Occasionally, we assembled our own homemade Halloween attire. The results were mixed. For instance, my DIY "Dracula" costume featured a black turtleneck and my navy blue Cub Scout uniform pants, red lipstick "blood" at the corners of my slobbery, plastic fang-stuffed mouth, smudged mascara on my cheeks to give me that "fresh from the grave" look, and some kind of black fabric as a cape. Scary, right?

Sharing Halloween activities with my daughters, like Christmas morning, has been one of the purest feelings I get of being a kid again. I guess it really shouldn't matter what we do this Saturday. All that's important is that we spend some part of it together (I already know we will since I coach both of their soccer teams).

In addition to any sports-related activities you might share this weekend, here are several ideas for traditional and not-so-traditional things you can do to celebrate a spooky but safe All Hallow's Eve 2020 with the kids: